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Creative Mindset Collective

Unlock your creative potential with Creative Mindset Collective!

Do you want to learn how to Create a Daily Self-Care Practice to help you cultivate a Mindful Mindset, so you can dream big and take the steps to make those dreams a reality.

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You can feel it within and you know you are meant for more in this world.  

Do you ever wonder,






How can I up level my life ?

At Creative Mindset Collective, we believe that creativity is the bridge between our inner world and the outer world. Our mission is to provide an online platform that helps you explore your creativity and develop an empowered mindset. We offer soul inquiry collage journals and self-care resources to help you up level your life and live the life of your dreams. With our Self-Coaching Method you can dream the dream and change your mindset to achieve it on your own terms in your own way.

 What is a collective?

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective. This is our aim with Creative Mindset Collective, we all come together and work as one. 

Maybe you have never heard of Soul Inquiry Collage Journal?

The Creative Mindset Collective is a place to help you create an amazing life of your dreams. We use powerful techniques to help you master your mindset, create a daily self-care practice, and connect with your soul through our unique Soul Inquiry Collage Journals. These are monthly vision boards in your journal to give you the opportunity to focus on the month ahead and bring your dreams to life. With the Creative Mindset Collective, you will gain clarity and confidence to live the life you’ve always wanted.






I don't know what it takes to start my own holistic business!

Maybe you have thought and dreamt about your own business for years and just don't know where to start.

At Creative Mindset Collective, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves freely and live an intentional life of joy. Our mission is to provide guidance, resources, and support to help you stay creative, connected, and inspired.

We offer our WildBloom membership, which gives you access to themed monthly e-books and courses about every business topic imaginable. 

Join us and start your own journey of creative self-discovery.


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