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Are you a dedicated female coach looking to elevate your coaching business and personal life? The Creative Mindset Collective is your empowering space for growth, transformation, and holistic success. Our dynamic community is here to help you master your mindset, set and achieve your goals, and create a balanced, fulfilling life through proven self-care practices.

In the Creative Mindset Collective, you’ll gain access to expert resources, motivational content, and a supportive network of like-minded women. Together, we’ll help you envision your future, build your dream coaching business, and step confidently into the life you've always desired. Join us on this inspiring journey to cultivate success, wellness, and joy—one step at a time.

Creative Mindset Collective



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For the Creative


Embark on your voyage of Self-Discovery with Creative Mindset Collective.

Step into The Bookmaker Studio Shop, where a treasure trove of E-books awaits to guide you on your journey of transformation.

Explore our collection, from individual offerings to carefully crafted bundles, each designed with self-inquiry and self-care in mind.

Our E-books, workbooks, trackers, journals, and bundles offer a practical and self-paced approach to kickstart your Daily Self-Care journey and manifest the life you've always dreamed of

For the Coach 


At Creative Mindset Collective, our purpose is to guide individuals towards crafting the life they've always dreamed of through the Creative practice of Daily self-care, cultivating a Mindful Mindset, and engaging in Soul Inquiry Collage.

Through our Soul Inquiry Collage Journals, we aim to illuminate your path, offering clarity, inspiration, and deeper connections with yourself and the world.

Embark on this enriching journey of creative soul-discovery, soul-inquiry, and soul-aligned action by participating in our challenges and embracing our Self-Coaching method. Join us as we navigate the depths of your inner landscape and co-create the life you desire.

For the Flower Lover

Karuah Blooms is more than just a flower farm—it's a sanctuary of serenity and soulful connection. Here, amidst the gentle rustle of leaves and the sweet scent of blossoms, we invite you to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and experience the transformative power of flowers. But the magic of Karuah Blooms doesn't stop there. It's about the experiences we offer—a chance to immerse yourself in the art of flower arranging at our workshops, where laughter and camaraderie flourish alongside the blooms. It's about sipping on floral-infused beverages, where every sip is a toast to the beauty of nature. And it's about celebrating life's special moments surrounded by the splendor of blossoms, whether it's a birthday party, baby shower, or bridal event.

You can feel it within and you know you are meant for more in this world.  







Welcome to the Creative Mindset Collective

The Creative Mindset Collective is your ultimate destination for elevating your coaching business and nurturing your creative spirit. Here’s what you can explore within our vibrant community:

For the Creative 

The Bookmaker Studio
Dive into a world of beautiful journals, both digital and handmade, designed to enhance your creative self-care practice. Capture your thoughts, dreams, and inspirations in a space uniquely crafted for you.

For the Coach

Challenges and Digital Products
Empower your coaching programs with our ready-made challenges and digital products. Save time and focus on your passion while we provide the tools to uplevel your coaching business.

For the Flower Lover 

Karuah Blooms
Indulge in the joy of flowers with our flower bar and creative self-care experiences. Perfect for nature-loving creatives, Karuah Blooms brings the beauty of florals into your life and practice.

For the Mystic 

Yoga, Meditation, and Chakras
Explore holistic wellness with our offerings in yoga, meditation, and chakra balancing. Complement your practice with essential oils and discover a deeper sense of peace and balance.

For the Curious 

My Blog, My Journal
Join me on a journey through my blog and personal journal. Discover insights, tips, and stories that inspire creativity and growth in every aspect of your life.

Join the Creative Mindset Collective today and embark on a journey of transformation, creativity, and holistic well-being. Together, we’ll cultivate a life and business that you love.


What is a collective?

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective. This is our aim with Creative Mindset Collective, we all come together and work as one. 




Maybe you have never heard of Soul Inquiry Collage Journal?

The Creative Mindset Collective serves as your guiding light towards crafting the extraordinary life you've always envisioned. Utilizing potent techniques, we empower you to master your mindset, establish a nurturing daily self-care routine, and foster a deep connection with your soul through our one-of-a-kind Soul Inquiry Collage Journals. These monthly vision boards within your journal offer a canvas to focus on the upcoming month and manifest your dreams into reality. With the support of the Creative Mindset Collective, you'll gain clarity and confidence to step boldly into the life you've always desired.






What is Boho? 

Boho, short for "bohemian," refers to a lifestyle or aesthetic characterized by a free-spirited, unconventional, and artistic approach to life. It embraces elements of creativity, individuality, and nonconformity, often drawing inspiration from various cultures, nature, and vintage fashion. Boho style typically incorporates eclectic and colourful elements, such as flowing fabrics, bold patterns, natural materials, and handmade or artisanal items. It celebrates self-expression, personal authenticity, and a love for adventure and exploration. This is the code in which I wish to live by.


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