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The ART of Meditation

Creating art is a type of meditation that can have fast and profound healing benefits. Art making is a natural vehicle for meditation, relaxation and self-connection. It increases awareness and emphasises the acceptance of feelings and thoughts without judgment. It is a catalyst for the relaxation of the mind and the body.



The ART of Meditation Certificate course consists of


  • Meditation Teacher Training Course (12 modules, minimum 120 hours)

  • Advanced Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development Practitioner Training Course ( 24 Modules)

  • Certificate The ART of Meditation ( 1 modules, minimum 80 hours) 

  • Personal development Certificate Sound Therapy and Vibrational healing ( 4 modules, minimum 80 hours) 

Who long will it take?

8 months Full-time 16 months Part-time 

Part-Time is 10 hours study per week x 64 weeks. Study break allowance included in course = 12 weeks.

Full-Time is 20 hours study per week x 32 weeks. Study break allowance included in course = 6 weeks.


What will it cost?

$3297 upfront or $297 deposit and weekly payments of $100 for 30 weeks.

Immersive Program

Leverage your Learning

Start your study now 

With our Virtual classroom

Weekly group sessions

 Face to Face in the Studio sessions

Private Facebook group for community support

Immerse yourself in Meditation and Kickstart your new career or add the skills to current business.

Next immersion Program starts October 10th

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