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Creative Mind Body College

At the Creative Mind College we teach you how transform the chaos into calm and decrease stress through meditation. 

Our world class MBE training courses are the most comprehensive, internationally-recognized, industry-accredited, evidence-based training courses in the world, for Meditation teachers, Holistic empowerment coaches and Holistic counsellors.

CMBC offers small class sizes, flexible hybrid study options to create a work life balance. 

We introduce you to the world of Meditation. 

Are you ready to up level your life and your meditation practice to share the benefits of meditation to reduce stress and anxiety with others to transform chaos into calm.


Meditation Teacher Training Course

Foundation course​

Want to start your very own holistic business? Or maybe add tools and techniques to up level your existing business.

Do you want to help people decrease stress and anxiety and transform their chaos into calm. 

Meditation can 

Increase energy

Relieves insomnia

Aids in weight loss

Creates inner peace and calm

Unleash creativity

Lowers Blood pressure

Reduces fear and anxiety

Helps reverse Heart disease

Now is the time you to make it happen, start training now to become an certified MBE Meditation Teacher in as little as 6 weeks. 

Yes that's right you could be heading in the direction of your dreams as soon as 6 weeks. 

Advanced Meditation Teacher & Holistic Human Development Practitioner Training

The Advanced Meditation Teacher and Holistic Human Development Practitioner Course builds upon the Foundational Meditation Teacher training Course enabling you to offer meditation as a healing modality, teach Autonomic Nervous System Realignment and Brain-Body Medicine to your students.  You will also be able to use holistic counselling and coaching methods to address student issues. 

Yoga Group

Practitioner of Meditation Therapies

Take your studies a step further and gain the confidence and skills to become a Meditation Therapist and Holistic Practitioner. This course builds upon the Advanced Meditation Teacher & Holistic Human development Practitioner training to allow you to specialise in your chosen area.

Professional Development training

Certificate in Autonomic System Realignment

Certificate in Brain Body Medicine 

Certificate in Meditation for Children

Certificate in Management of chronic Pain and Healing

Certificate in Meditation for management of Depression and Anxiety

Certificate in Corporate Stress Management Consulting

Certificate in Weight Management

Certificate in Sound Healing and Vibrational therapy

Certificate in Inner Child Meditation

Certificate in the use of Art in Meditation


Corporate Stress Management Training

The Corporate Stress Management Practitioner Training (Holistic Training and Assessment) Certification course builds upon the Meditation Teacher Training Foundation course to allow you to offer stress management services to businesses, assess and analyse corporate client needs, and design and deliver corporate stress management workshops.

Calm Kids

Want to help Kids learn calming tools and techniques?

Our Calm Kids is the perfect addition to your existing business or if you want to pursue a new career in helping kids decrease stress and anxiety. 

Yoga Class

The Art of Meditation

Creating art is a type of meditation that can have fast and profound healing benefits. Art making is a natural vehicle for meditation, relaxation and self-connection. It increases awareness and emphasises the acceptance of feelings and thoughts without judgment. It is a catalyst for the relaxation of the mind and the body.

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