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Add ART to your day….

Starting Arts and Crafts can sometimes be daunting, the mess, the supplies and the biggest the time…..

We do Math, spelling and English in the mornings this leaves the afternoons free for our true loves Art, Nature, Yoga and Swimming.

We Art, we craft, we stamp, we paint, we build, we journal, we mix media and we love it. It all goes……

I think one of the happiest day I have ever had was the day I found Mixed Media. OMG I can use all of them on one page!!!!!

Sometimes we just sit and make paper, this is so cool, just mark making on a plain white paper, just scribbles, just making any mark our hand wants to make.

If you need some inspiration check out our FREE Activities download

It’s FREE to download and contains some great Mindfulness and STEAM activities.

Have a wonderful ARTSY day!!!!

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