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Affirmative self-talk gets in the way of negative energy.

I believe in the power of my own words to make positive changes in my life. I am a high achiever because I tell myself, “I am able.” Words like these banish any thoughts of doubt about my talents or abilities.

Each day at work begins with a self-talk session. In the quietness of my office, I take a few moments to reassure myself.

I consider each challenge I face and affirm that I have a specific skill set to counteract it. This exercise keeps me connected to my deep-rooted strengths. My self-belief grows stronger when I take the time to talk to myself about my abilities.

Positive reinforcement keeps negativity away from my life.

Whenever I feel doubt coming on, I retreat and meditate. Those moments renew my determination because I focus on my potential. When I remind myself of the force that I am, doubt quickly subsides.

I avoid taking others’ negative opinions of my abilities to heart. Giving too much consideration to external perspectives can cause negativity to fester.

In order to continue to be successful, I celebrate my talents and innate gifts. Giving those talents the authority to shine makes me a winner.

Today, positive energy thrives in my life when I pat myself on the shoulder. I am a firm believer in embracing my true strengths. I am committed to using affirmative self-talk to drive me to achieve greatness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some positive, uplifting things I can tell myself to feel courageous? 2. How do I maintain a positive mindset after being discouraged by others? 3. How often do I turn to others for encouragement when I feel doubtful?

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