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Anxiety to SuperPowers

Is your Tween and/or Teen  struggling with school, struggling with how they learn in an overstimulating classroom.

Is your Teen no longer wanting to be in the classroom because sick of feeling dumb and useless.

Does your Teen want to love learning and loves to be curious with all interests but doesn’t know how to vocalise this so shuts down.

Has no way to regulate the emotions they are feeling and thinks the anxiety is a weakness.

Wants to constantly give up.

Think that the Label is them, do not realise the label is a form of communication between educators and professionals to help the Teens.

We have designed a Mind Body holistic program to create a  personalised pathway for self-directed, inquiry based learning to reconnect your teen with loving to learn again.

Supporting with learning tools and focus on Strengths.

Your Teen will identify learning styles and Uncover their SuperPowers of Courage, Confidence and resilience. 

Our new program  SuperPowered Teens has just been launched.

The book SuperPowered has just been released and with the wonderful words from Dr Shefali and Renee Jain it will help Transform your Teens Anxiety into SuperPowers.

We have just launched our 12 week program either Face to Face 1 on 1 or via Zoom.

Our online course the ART of SuperPowered Kids for Parents will be launched November 17th.  To get on the waiting list reply to to save your spot.

What is included in this program

  1. Weekly 1 on 1 sessions face to face or via zoom

  2. TDYP and debrief

  3. Animated Go ZEN program

  4. Journal, oil  and  SuperPowered book.

  5. Yoga and meditation for use at home to calm your Teen

  6. Fitness on Demand 3 month access.

Working with your Teen one on one helps to empower their Genius and build Confidence by working on their Unique Character Strengths and building their unique learning pathway……

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