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Believing is half the battle.

My mind is powerful and guides the outcome of each experience. I use it to build my courage and confidence. Believing in positive outcomes is half the battle.

I tell myself positive things each morning. Whatever I verbalize becomes what my mind and heart believe. Reinforcement of goodness encourages me to only expect good things from each experience that I have.

When I look at my distant goals, I consider them already achieved. Although the complete path has yet to unfold, I am reassured that it is already there.

Making my way through college while working is a challenge. Most days I feel tired, but I carry on. I focus on the tasks directly in front of me and avoid worrying about the whole program. One step at a time eventually leads me to the finish line.

Even when my grades are unfavorable, I maintain self-belief. I know that I have the intellect and drive to successfully make it through each course.

I believe in my business ideas. It takes a while to get things off the ground, but I hold firm to my belief. Whatever I set my mind to is already mine. What matters is the commitment that I show towards making it a reality.

Believing gives me the motivation to go after dreams even when they feel scary. It pushes me to step over obstacles and find the way forward.

Today, believing in myself is the answer to being successful in life. I know that I am capable and talented. My blessings continue to unfold when I choose to maintain a positive mindset.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How easy is it to have faith in things that I am unable to see? 2. What are some of my biggest victories? 3. Who are my sources of encouragement when I am feeling doubtful?

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