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Conquering Anxiety With Affirmations

It can be difficult to do anything with your normal passion and excitement if you are feeling anxious. Anxiety can squelch your motivation and control your life – if you let it.

If you have experienced an anxiety attack, you may be fearful of having another one, but living in such fear means you are living in a state of perpetual anxiety. This can happen just because you are afraid of the anxiety itself!

Those who have never experienced an anxiety attack or high levels of anxiety cannot understand how hard this cycle can be to break.

* If you believe you have to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety you’re wrong – you really can learn how to deal with the anxiety in a more positive manner.

Letting Go of the Anxiety

Worrying about the next anxiety attack can cause you to be in a constant state of fear that may keep you from doing the things you want or need to do. Anxiety can be crippling, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be.

It can be hard to stop the cycle once you develop the pattern of having anxiety-related feelings and anxiety attacks, but it isn’t impossible. You can overcome the anxiety cycle by using tools that are easy and convenient and you may be able to overcome the cycle in less time than you thought possible.

Using Positive Affirmations to Overcome Anxiety

One way you can conquer anxiety is by using positive affirmations. These statements are a simple way to change your thought processes so you aren’t always waiting for anxiety to take charge of your life.

Many people create their own affirmations while others use affirmations from websites or books. It doesn’t matter where you find the affirmations, just as long as you begin using them effectively throughout your day.

* Choose affirmations that speak to you and help you overcome your fear of anxiety. Affirmations must focus on the present and they should be about you, not anyone else.

Examples of Affirmations to Defeat Anxiety

Anxiety affirmations are simply positive statements that you can say to yourself in those moments when you start to feel anxious. You can use these at any time and for any reason to calm your nerves and bring peace of mind.

For example, you can tell yourself, “I can overcome my fears because I am in control,” or “I no longer need to be frightened. I allow myself to receive the light of who I am.” Any statement that replaces the anxious thoughts with a positive feeling will work.

* Say these affirmations during anxious moments as often as you need to and continue affirming the positive thoughts until the anxious moment has passed.

By using these affirmations when you are feeling anxious, you are literally reprogramming your mind. In doing so, you will be able to think in a more positive manner, and you can also use these affirmations to refocus your mind away from your anxiety and fear.

Every time you use an affirmation, you leave less and less room for the irrational fears and the anxiety that have ruled your life for far too long.

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