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Each day my wisdom and intuition increase

Each day, my wisdom and intuition increase.

I have learned a lot and continue to learn even more with each passing day. This is the key to my tremendous wisdom and intuition. I internalize the lessons I learn and use them to make even better decisions.

My wisdom and intuition are forever growing and expanding.

I trust my intuition to guide me. The more I trust my intuition, the more reliable it becomes. I can make excellent decisions with incomplete information because my intuition is so reliable and accurate.

I am a wise person.

I am thoughtful about life and have a high-level understanding of how life works. I seek advice when necessary, but I am largely self-reliant. I am capable of making good decisions on my own.

The fact that my friends frequently ask me for advice is proof of my wisdom and intuition.

Wisdom and intuition are the result of mistakes. I am willing to make mistakes so I can increase my capabilities.

It is easiest to access my intuition when I am quiet. I regularly seek out moments of solitude so I can listen to my intuition.

Today, I allow my intuition to have a voice in my life. I use my wisdom to make intelligent and effective decisions. I enjoy the benefits of my past mistakes and manage my life quite well.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When has my intuition steered me in the right direction?

  2. When have I incorrectly ignored my intuition?

  3. When am I most likely to make poor decisions? Good decisions?

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