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Great ideas come to me.

I find inspiration wherever I look. Great ideas come to me when I view the world with a curious mind.

I read widely. I sample fiction and nonfiction. I find role models and encouragement in novels, histories, biographies, and cookbooks.

I travel to new places. I visit local attractions on business trips and plan my vacations around enriching activities. I venture out of my comfort zone to try out exotic dishes or challenging sports.

I talk with others from different backgrounds. I strike up conversations with physicists and tuba players.

I move around. When I am stumped, I go for a walk or hop on my bicycle. Fresh air and exercise invigorate my senses and bring on a brainstorm.

I write my thoughts down in a journal. I carry a notebook or download an app on my phone. I notice my interests and feelings. I see where I am making progress and where I want to grow.

I embrace change. I am eager to experiment with different ways of roasting vegetables or managing my blood pressure.

Today, I free myself from conventional thinking. I let go of judgements and question my assumptions. I look for a kernel of truth in each idea, even if it seems impractical at first. I generate great ideas that enhance my personal and professional life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to trigger my creativity? 2. What is one topic I want to learn more about? 3. How can I become more effective at implementing my great ideas?

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