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Happiness with my body results from inner self-love.

I treat my body with the respect it deserves. It makes me happy in whichever shape or size it is because it is a temple for my heart, soul, and mind. I love my inner self and that overflows to my exterior being.

Positive feelings pour out from my heart. Feelings like envy and hate are expelled and allow me to live with a free conscience. Being free of unhealthy feelings allows me to experience happiness.

I spend time nourishing my soul through meditation. Each morning I repeat affirmations that remind me of my worth.

Positive self-motivation gives me the confidence to tackle challenges and win. My ability to succeed is a reminder that I am valuable and worthwhile. Knowing that I am inwardly strong and significant contributes to me feeling happy with myself overall.

How I look on the outside is insignificant because I am undefinable by my physical appearance. My ability to live beautifully comes from within.

I spend my days crafting my inner self into a wholesome and lovely character. Doing so has an impact that is more far reaching than my looks.

Today, the love that I feel for myself on the inside drives how I feel about my exterior. I commit to spending my time developing positive inner traits that are able to impact the world. Being a blessing to the world comes from having a beautiful soul.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How important is taking care of my body to achieving and maintaining self-love? 2. What are some of the things I do to ensure that I remain positive? 3. How do I restore my self-confidence after it is damaged?

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