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Hey Passionate Mumma

Hey Passionate Mumma,

You're a trailblazing mum of tweens and/or Teen, you spend your day creating the vision of a new way of education for your kids somedays you feel like you are just scratching the surface and ticking boxes but there is so much more you want to cover in your day.

If you are honest with yourself you know there is a better way to build their curiosity. You see glimpses of excitement in your kids faces but if you don't change the way they are learning you know you are going to lose the battle.

I'm Jodie and I've been there stressing that they are learning enough and still procrastinating another way before you all burnout.

In 2018 I realised there was another way, I finally found that understanding my daughters unique learning style, multi-sensory and this helped me change the way I imagined education. I then built an Creative ART program based on her passions, visions and they way she loved to express herself. If you want to feel Passionate and Creative the only limitation to your program is your imagination.

Would you like to shift to a new way of homeschooling?

Come on the journey with me.

If it's a "Hell Yes" there are 3 ways we can work together.

  1. Join my Facebook group @empoweringourkids and Instagram Page @empowering_our_kids

  2. Subscribe to my Resource Library

  3. Learn how to Junk Journal with us.

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