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Holiday Workshops

Want something to entertain the kids as well as increase their self esteem and creativity!

Well we have found the solution for you.

Our Positvie Art Coaching workshops run in the July school holidays at our Empowering our kids studio.

We have our Star Power and Power UP classes for Yoga, Meditation and Art Activity.

We have our Art workshops for 2 hours of Fun

Classes are

Acrylic Animals – pick a giraffe, bird, zebra or any other exotic animal ( you won’t find these in the jungle)

Watercolour – a softer fun way to learn watercolours

Affirmation poster to put on your wall to remind you how Awesome you are!

Affirmation cards – you can make one or buy a whole set to finish at home. Have a set for daily boosts of confidence and remind you to be positive.

Learn how to start and Art Journal and continue with the techniques to bring calm and empower you.

Mandala dreaming project!

P.S These are only for Kids!!!!!!! You can do 1 class, the whole day or all 3 days. Starts July 7th, 8th and 9th.

To book click here 

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