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I always make time for writing a loved one.

Each day passes in an instant. Sometimes it is difficult to keep in touch with friends and family. With our busy schedules, I always seem to miss their calls, and they are always out when I call.

However, I know that if I make time to write a letter, they find time to read it.

I enjoy writing letters because each letter is a moment of reflection. When I commit to writing a letter, I am devoting a set amount of time to that specific person. I consider the events occurring in my life, and inquire about theirs.

Sometimes when they call, I am in the midst of a task, unable to give the attention the conversation deserves. My thoughts are incomplete and disorganized. Occasionally, my tone is terse because I feel rushed.

In a letter, I can organize my thoughts and carefully choose my words.

I recognize the importance of writing to my loved ones. It is one method of communication that illustrates my willingness to make time for them, even when the time to get together is unavailable.

Today, I intend to begin a letter to someone close. Sometimes my days seem too full to make time for sitting and writing. If I make a little time each day, though, I can make keeping in touch a habit. Gradually, the connections feel less difficult to maintain.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is continued communication important? 2. Do I ever write letters to loved ones? What benefits can come from writing regularly? 3. What can I talk about in my letters?

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