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I am actively involved with my hobbies to acquire energy and strength after a hard day.

I am recharged after a long routine day by indulging myself with my fun hobbies.

I enjoy doing many things and I am both creative and talented. I like taking time out of my week to take pleasure in my creativity through my hobbies.

I become a more centered and happy person simply by taking the time to pursue my hobbies. They recharge me and expand my creative mind.

At times, life’s continual responsibilities leave me feeling drained and exhausted. When I take time to pursue my hobbies, I can face these day-to-day responsibilities with a fresh outlook and regain my strength and purpose.

Taking time to enjoy my hobbies regularly provides the same refreshment for my body and mind as recess gave me when I was in grade school.

In school, I would look out the classroom window longing for the beloved recess bell to hurry and arrive. Then once the time arrived, I would run and play, swing and slide, or play games with friends. Recess freed me and recharged my inner batteries!

My hobbies are much like recess. I look forward to them when I am working and I feel recharged when I am engaged in them.

Today I am choosing to take the time to pursue at least one hobby. I am striving to make this a regular part of my routine so I can recharge my life with my hobbies just like recess recharged me as a child.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What hobbies will I pursue today? 2. What have I been thinking about starting but haven’t? 3. What am I waiting for?

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