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I am comfortable with silence.

Silence provides refuge. It gives me time for thought and meditation. Being at ease in silence requires that I love and trust myself and others. I am open to anything I may discover. I find this more rewarding than hiding behind distractions.

Reflection makes my life more meaningful.

When I am quiet, I can observe my thoughts and notice what is on my mind without making judgments. I see what I truly value and my priorities become clearer. I face the conflicts that I need to resolve. I discover the reasons behind my choices.

Silent meditation helps me to develop self-control and wisdom.

Sometimes I sit in solitude and other times I just pause briefly during daily routines. Even a few seconds of peaceful thoughts can give me new energy and motivation.

To make time for silence, I turn off electronic devices. I set aside time each day free from phones, computers, and televisions. I hear nature and the other sounds that often get drowned out.

I share quiet hours with loved ones. We enjoy each other’s company even if we are busy with different activities.

I try to spend more time listening to others and less time speaking. I give them my full attention and always try to take a silent moment to think before I speak.

Today, I appreciate the beauty of stillness. I rejoice in silence and carry the insights of my silence with me throughout my day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How does spending time in silence deepen my understanding of the world? 2. What does being still teach me about myself? 3. How can I resist distractions that interfere with self-reflection?

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