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I am free from doubts and fears.

I am confident in my ability to manage my life. I have access to everything I need to excel and thrive. I am free from limitations. Fear and doubt are meaningless concepts to me.

My confidence grows each day. Every challenge I face increases my confidence and knowledge.

I may experience feelings of doubt on a temporary basis, but I quickly overcome those feelings and replace them with confidence and peace. Any doubt I feel causes me to strengthen my focus. It reminds me to tell myself how capable I am.

Fear is a thing of the past. I have all the bravery and courage I could ever need. I confidently overcome life’s obstacles. My courage to face life head on grows by the day. I live outside the presence of doubt and fear. I have an exciting future ahead of me.

I use my freedom from doubt and fear to my advantage.

I am able to confidently explore new experiences. I am comfortable with uncertainty. My limits are constantly expanding.

Today, I have fewer doubts and less fear than ever before. I quietly smile at the great advantage I have over the average person. Living without doubt and fear provides me with more positive opportunities and experiences.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my greatest sources of doubt and fear? 2. How can I overcome my current doubts and fears? 3. How would my life experience change if I only experienced half as much doubt and fear?

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