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I am naturally drawn to choices that are right for me.

Whatever comes my way in life, I am confident in my ability to make good decisions. Again and again, I prove myself worthy of my own trust. This comes easily because I am naturally drawn to choices that are right for me.

Each day, I make decisions. I choose what clothes to wear, where to apply for work, what kind of food goes into my body, and how much exercise I get.

I am deeply in touch with my own needs. This makes decision-making easy. Whatever choices I face in the moment, I know I can select well for myself.

I am concerned with my own well-being. Because of this, I choose to make healthy living a priority. I get plenty of sleep, exercise, and nourishing food.

But I also ensure that I nourish other parts of me. I make time to do the things I love. I rest enough to feel good. Sometimes a nap is just what I need! Making these choices is easy for me.

If I ever feel frustrated or dissatisfied with something in my life, I look inside before taking action. What do I need here? What would best serve my highest vision of myself? Based on this information, I then move to change whatever is bothering me. Sometimes I may choose to leave things as they are because I know I am better off that way.

Today, I am confident in my own ability to choose well for myself. As I practice my decision-making skills, I become even better at them. Each day, I choose to practice taking good care of myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What challenging decisions are present in my life right now? 2. What would the best possible outcome be like for me? 3. What would that outcome feel like? Is this a result worth pursuing?

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