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I am peaceful and loving.

Life is more enjoyable when I live with love and peace, so I make a conscious effort to cultivate and maintain these wonderful qualities. I am able to see the best in others and choose love over conflict in the way I treat them. By seeing the best in others, they see the best in me, too.

In situations I find challenging, I visualize myself being sensitive and caring. I practice being the person I want to be at every opportunity. Practice makes perfect!

I value my ability to support others. Uplifting other people makes me feel good about myself. Helping them also means that I am more likely to get the support I need.

The world is very reciprocal. We reap what we sow.

Being peaceful has many rewards. My relationships are stronger and more comfortable. My mood is much more stable. And my mental and physical health both benefit. Being peaceful is easier when I remind myself of the advantages it brings me.

The key to being peaceful and loving is having control over my thoughts. I avoid assuming the worst and choose to believe that others are treating me fairly and with respect. In most cases, I would prefer being happy over being right.

Today, I choose to treat everyone I meet with love. I look for peaceful solutions to all my challenges. I am peaceful and loving.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How have I made my life more challenging by not being as loving as I could be? 2. How would my life improve if I lived it in a peaceful manner? 3. What are the challenges to being more peaceful and loving?

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