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I am ready for a life-altering move.

I am looking forward to changing my life with a big move. I am prepared for the implications of this move and the long-term impact.

I am ready to move to a new home and start a new life. I focus on the positive aspects of the move and feel peace and joy about my upcoming adventure.

I know I can remain calm before, during, and after the move.

My move is organized because I plan ahead. My thoughtful preparation before the move makes the process easier. I use my daily planner to help me stay on track.

I let go of unnecessary clutter. I sell some items and give others away. I start packing clothes and household items I can temporarily do without.

I arrange for life in my new home. I call ahead for utility and cable connections. I scope out the neighborhood for parks, stores, and restaurants. I find some amenities for convenience as I start my new life and leave the rest to discover later.

My friends and family support me in this new venture. I make plans to keep in touch so I can maintain close relationships as I forge new friendships in my new location.

Today, I am excited about my future. I wonder what adventures await me in my new locale!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I help my family adjust to the move? 2. What can I do to prepare for the move ahead of time? 3. How can I ensure my work will not be affected as I adjust to my new life?

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