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I am receptive to new ideas.

Knowledge strengthens my worth and purpose in this world. I am open and receptive to new ideas because they are valuable to my existence.

Success in a changing world relies on my willingness to look at things differently. I avoid clinging to my old ways because they are familiar. Being willing to embrace a new way of thinking is the key to continuous growth.

Whenever my career skills show signs of becoming obsolete, I educate myself. Paying attention to the cues from the world keeps me in a constant state of evolution.

Although there are traditional ways of earning money, I am open to learning about creative ways also. Being smart with my time and energy results in the ability to do more with less. My potential increases when I am creative.

Being receptive to new ways of owning a home gets me closer to that goal in a shorter timeframe. Instead of starting with a mansion, I start with a small home on wheels.

Each achievement that comes through an open mind serves as a building block.

Today, newness brings with it excitement and creativity. My mind is open and receptive to shifting perspectives because they make me wiser and more aware. I enjoy growth and development because I consider new ways of thinking.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How often do I utilize new ideas from others? 2. How do I determine whether a particular idea can add value to my life? 3. What warnings does life issue to let me know that it is time to try something new?



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