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I am responsible for my feelings.

Throughout the day, I experience many emotions. When I wake up, regardless of how it looks outdoors, I feel happy to be alive. By the time my bedtime rolls around, I have experienced a number of different feelings.

Monitoring my emotions ensures that I am at my best at all times. It brings me great peace to know that I have power over my reactions and feelings.

Even when I am busy, I am aware of what is going on within me. I keep a lid on my emotions during challenging or stressful times.

Occasionally, I experience challenges in my relationships. Perhaps I disagree with my partner or refuse to allow my kids to do or buy something they want. However, I am confident in my ability to navigate my feelings during these times.

Sometimes, I make a decision about how to feel. I choose to avoid emotions like hurt, anger, resentment, and shame. When certain circumstances trigger these feelings, I make a conscience effort to quell them. My emotions begin and end with me.

Today, I take responsibility for my feelings. My emotions live within me and I am able to control them. My life is richer because I stay in touch with my feelings. Ultimately, I know that I am responsible for the emotions I experience.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I take responsibility for my own feelings? 2. In what situations do I struggle to own my emotions? 3. In the future, what will I do to be more responsible for my feelings?

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