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I approach the day with enthusiasm and confidence.

My enthusiasm for the day begins when my alarm wakes me in the morning. As I lie in bed, I look forward to the day ahead with a positive attitude. My anticipation only grows when my feet hit the floor and I begin my morning routine.

Each day I feel more confident than I did the day before. My accomplishments and my understanding of the world grow each day. This is the basis for my confidence.

I know I can handle any challenge the day presents. Knowing I can handle anything that comes my way allows me to approach the day with certainty and comfort.

I spend each day going from one challenge to the next without a loss of enthusiasm. My enthusiasm is generated inside of me. External events are irrelevant to my enthusiasm and motivation.

My confidence is steady and sure. I use it to my advantage each day.

I am well aware of my capabilities and the challenges of life. I have handled many ups and downs over the course of my life successfully. These ground my confidence and allow it to continue growing steadily and surely.

Today, I am excited by the day before me. I am confident in my abilities. I plan to enjoy a great day. I approach this day with confidence and enthusiasm.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what areas of my life am I the least confident? What can I do to raise my confidence? 2. Do I have goals that fill me with enthusiasm? What are they? 3. Would the people that know me describe me as enthusiastic and

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