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I become more confident and stronger each day.

Each day I become more than I was the day before. My accomplishments give me confidence. My knowledge and abilities are growing each day. As my capabilities develop and blossom, my confidence grows exponentially.

The challenging experiences I face make me stronger. I increase my ability to handle stress and adversity. Each challenge I overcome is a learning experience.

As I learn more and become stronger, I become more capable. Things that were challenging become easy. The things I struggle with today become doable tomorrow.

I look forward to more challenges and greater successes. It is a cycle. Each success and challenge makes me stronger and more confident.

This strength and confidence help me in every part of my life. I am more socially confident and comfortable with being myself. Confidence helps my social life, work, and peace of mind.

Confidence helps me to face new challenges. I sleep better at night, too.

I enjoy seeing progress in my personal development each day. I wonder just how confident and capable I can become. I am without limits. I have incredible potential.

Today, I am more confident than I was yesterday. I am more capable than I was yesterday. Thanks to challenges, I am now stronger, wiser, and more knowledgeable. I am using my great strength and confidence to make my mark on the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What am I better at today than I was five years ago? 2. What could I choose to be confident about right now? 3. If I could increase my confidence and effectiveness by 1% each week, how would that impact my life over the next year?

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