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I choose a path that offers personal fulfillment

I choose a path that offers personal fulfillment.

My decisions are all tied to what I ultimately want for myself. I choose a path that offers personal fulfillment. As a result, I am happy and satisfied with my life.

When it comes to work, I like to feel rewarded by the experience. It is important to see the impact of my efforts on my customers.

The jobs I choose are tied to my professional strengths. Going after that kind of work ensures that I give the tasks my maximum endeavor.

Personal fulfillment also comes from the spiritual life that I choose to lead. When I feel free to express my own spiritual beliefs, I am content. It is good to exist in a world where I am accepted regardless of what I believe.

Each of my relationships is a two-way street. I am willing to share in making friendly experiences positive. Whenever a relationship becomes burdensome, I move away from it.

Self-acceptance is important to feeling fulfilled. I speak positive words to myself each day. Doing so encourages me to love myself. I am at peace with the person I am today, without seeking approval from others.

Today, my soul is alive and satisfied because I choose to live according to my own standards. I make decisions that I am able to be comfortable with. That alone is enough for me to enjoy my existence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What makes my personal life fulfilling?

  2. How do I know when a decision is likely to produce the desired result?

  3. How do I choose when I am faced with two possible paths to take?

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