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I choose my future with my actions.

My thought may influence my actions, but it is my actions that ultimately determine my future. My thoughts lack the power to accomplish anything by themselves. For example, my heart and lungs are unchanged by thoughts of running a mile.

I choose my actions based upon my goals. I choose a logical course of action based on the results I want to see in the future.

By choosing effective actions, I all but guarantee the results I receive.

The long-term results of saving money, exercising, and being kind to others are obvious. There are few surprises in my life because I choose my future for myself.

I make the decision to take responsibility for my life. Hoping and wishing are much less effective than persistent and intelligent action.

My actions steer my path in life, and that’s just the way I like it!

The results in my life are more predictable when I take action. When I choose to trust the hands of fate, I am often disappointed. I trust myself to make my ideal future a reality.

Today, I choose my actions wisely. I remind myself that my future is in my hands. I am continuing to work toward the future I desire. I choose my future with my actions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What has happened in my life when I have left things to chance? 2. How would my life be different if I deliberately chose actions based on my goals? 3. What are my goals?

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