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I choose roles in life that benefit from my value

I choose roles in life that benefit from my value.

I am very conscious of my inherent strengths. My days are spent lending those strengths to roles that benefit from them. It is important to me to choose responsibilities in life that gain from my value.

My close friends rely on me to offer emotional support. I understand their challenges and give them the listening ear they desire.

I am emotionally strong and manage tough situations without overreacting. It is easy for me to support my friends without imposing my opinions or beliefs. I enjoy knowing that my opinion is valued and trusted.

The jobs I commit to doing are the ones I am able to perform effectively. As a strategist, I enjoy jobs that allow me to find ideal solutions. Those jobs cater to my competencies.

I volunteer for projects that I know I am able to complete accurately and thoroughly.

I am a strong writer. My spare time is occupied by paid and voluntary writing assignments. It is important to be charitable when I am able.

I believe in using my special talents to support others. It helps me to feel like I am contributing positively to the world.

Today, my focus is on roles that make me fulfilled. I know that choosing responsibilities that I am effective at handling is the best way to get there. I commit to giving the best of me at all times.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the abilities that I want to continuously improve?

  2. How do I complete assigned responsibilities that are difficult for me to execute?

  3. In what ways am I able to provide valuable help to causes that are important to me?

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