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I choose to love myself and make myself a priority.

I make myself and my life a priority. In the past, I may have sacrificed myself too much while helping others. If helping others hurts me, I now realize that I am extending myself too far.

When I make myself a priority, I place myself in a better position to help others. Being good to myself is a way of being good to other people.

When I love myself, I benefit the people in my life. I can be a better friend, partner, spouse, employee, and parent when I love myself completely. I am more capable when I treat myself as I would treat someone I love.

If I fail to make myself a priority, who will? It is my responsibility to be my own best friend. My health, happiness, wealth, and future are in my hands. I choose to make myself a priority each day.

I avoid being overly selfish. I realize that other people are important, too. I help others when I am able. However, I ensure that I am looking out for myself, too.

Today, I put myself first in a healthy and responsible way. I say “no” to requests and activities that interfere too much with my life. I choose to love myself and make myself a priority.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways am I neglecting myself? 2. When have I harmed myself by doing too much for someone else? Why did I do it? 3. What can I do to show more love to myself?

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