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I end each day with outdoor time.

The simple things that I do each day add to my serenity. That includes spending time amidst the beauty of nature. I go outside each evening as part of my therapy.

Inhaling fresh air is refreshing. When I take deep breaths from my patio, I feel my spirit lift. Newness springs into my mind and soul and makes me ready to say goodbye to the day behind me.

I think about the day’s experiences and focus on how to use them to extract more value from the next day.

My mind focuses on preparing for tomorrow’s wins when I allow it to take in the quietness of the outdoors. Nature has a way of leading me to let go of things that are out of my control. It inspires me to look ahead.

I gain a deep appreciation of my blessing when I spend a few moments each evening in the garden.

Observing flowers and plants welcome the coolness of the night reminds me to be thankful at all times. It also reminds me to find beauty in each situation that I am a part of. Sometimes downtime is what my mind and body crave.

Being closer to the setting sun allows me to focus on its meaning. Seeing one chapter close without the threat of disaster is reassuring.

It tells me that worry is fruitless. I am urged to live in positive anticipation.

Today, the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors serve as my inspiration. My sense of purpose is renewed when I open myself to the gifts of an ending day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I recover from a particularly challenging day? 2. What other daily activities allow me to achieve renewal? 3. What benefits do I get from tending to flowers in my garden?

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