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I express my needs and feelings.

I am comfortable expressing my needs and my feelings. I find it easy to share my innermost thoughts with those that care about me.

Sharing my needs is easy for me. I realize that others can only give me what I require when they understand my needs. It is my responsibility to let others know what I need.

Telling others my needs is a sign of strength. I am a strong person.

When I feel blue, I can tell others what is bothering me. I am confident enough to be open and direct about my feelings. I always find support when I share my troubles.

Whenever I feel closed off from others, I just let someone know what I am feeling. Sharing always makes me feel better and draws others closer to me.

Plus, by being open about my needs and feelings, I can just be myself.

Sometimes, I might struggle to be open. But then I remind myself of all the times that being open has helped me. I receive so much benefit from letting others know my feelings. Being open is the right choice for me.

Today, I feel stronger and more confident each time I let someone know what I need from them. I express myself freely and openly. I communicate my needs and feelings and get positive reinforcement in return.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I find it hard to be open about my needs and feelings? Why? 2. What one thing can I share today that is meaningful? 3. What benefits will I receive from being more open with others?

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