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I feel confident when I am prepared.

Preparation is the key to being successful at any venture I set out to execute. It builds my confidence and allows me to calmly take on any challenge.

Getting ready for a new course of study is exciting because it is new. I make the most of new study opportunities by doing the recommended pre-course preparations. It allows my mind to be ready for the lessons ahead.

The approach is the same for business meetings. Even when the agenda is unavailable beforehand, I bring myself up to speed on all aspects of the business. Being prepared facilitates productivity. It gives me a sense of fulfilment to know that I am a reliable member of the team.

Doing interviews can be intimidating but I lessen the anxiety by preparing myself. Although I may only know some of the answers, it is better than knowing nothing at all.

When I am prepared, I get a chance to separate myself from my thoughts and focus on presenting well.

Meditation is a good way to be emotionally ready for anything. It calms my mind and takes away any sense of worry.

Today, I acknowledge that being as prepared as possible is the best way to handle unexpected situations. Having some of the necessary knowledge beforehand takes away from the emotional burden that sometimes comes with uncertainty.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I prepare myself for work each morning? 2. What else can I do to boost my confidence? 3. What impact does getting enough sleep have on my ability to be ready for any situation?

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