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I feel good about what I have to offer to others.

I feel excited about the possibilities in my life. Some of these opportunities come as a result of what I can give to the world. My gifts are unique to me, and I want to share them. I feel good about what I have to offer to others.

I am well-received whenever I reach out to help other people because my skills are valuable. Maybe I am good with people, a hammer and saw, or computers. Whatever I do well, I make a point to offer to others. This helps them and increases my self-confidence.

When I am learning a new skill, I seek out situations where I can share it with others. Using a new ability helps me learn it more thoroughly. And I feel joy when I can help others with it, which helps reinforce my desire to use it.

If I ever start to feel as though I have little to offer the world, I remember all of the things for which I am thanked.

Maybe it’s letting someone in a hurry go ahead of me in line. Or perhaps I fix a broken item for someone or teach them a new skill. Whatever the gifts I can give, big or small, they bring delight to me and others.

Today, I remember that my specific skills and talents are beneficial to the world. I love using my abilities, whether they are natural or learned. Each day, I look for opportunities to share my gifts with others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I believe about my own abilities? 2. Is my inner dialogue marked by confidence or doubt? 3. How can I shift this balance toward more frequent remembrance of the value of my individual gifts and talents?

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