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I follow my own path.

A fascinating aspect of life is the incredible array of choices available to me. In my life journey, I choose whatever road suits me. I follow my own path!

There’s an old expression that one goes wherever life takes him. Rather than subscribe to that theory, I believe I am blessed with a multitude of options. I select the pathways I want to travel from the myriad of choices before me.

When others attempt to convince me to do what it is they believe is “right” for me, I listen. They are usually doing so out of love.

I remind myself to be confident in selecting my own roads in life’s journey. I thank those offering their suggestions, then I focus my interests and energies on those options that speak to my soul.

I am intoxicated by the freedoms life offers. I can follow a path as long and as far as I wish. I am free to change roads whenever I choose. This facet of my existence is liberating.

Following my own life journey delivers me to a place of joy. I am optimistic because I can do whatever my heart desires. The power of the choices that lie before me ignites my passions.

The road I choose rises up before me. It beckons me and I follow. After all, the direction I decide to go is motivated by my own life goals.

Today, I feel pleased in my efforts to follow my own road. I vow to examine my choices and make alterations to my life’s path as I feel the need.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make every effort to follow my own path? 2. Who or what gets in the way of my endeavors to make my own choices in life? 3. What are my life goals? Am I on the path to achieving them?

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