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I have a creative side.

Updated: Jan 1

In the quiet moments of my day, I take a deep breath and allow my creative energy to flow.

I have found that when I infuse my daily routine with creativity, even the most mundane tasks become a source of joy and inspiration. Whether it's scribbling a quick sketch on my grocery list or taking the time to artfully arrange my meals, I find that these small acts of creativity bring me a sense of peace and fulfillment.

There is something magical about tapping into my creative side, even in the midst of the most ordinary moments. As I allow myself to play and experiment, I feel a sense of freedom and expansion that is truly transformative.

I am reminded that creativity is not something that can be contained or limited - it is a boundless force that flows through me and connects me to the infinite.

As I continue on my journey of exploration and self-discovery, I am grateful for the gift of creativity that is always within reach. Whether I'm embarking on a new project or simply living my day-to-day life, I know that I can always find joy and fulfillment by allowing my mystical, holistic, mindful spirit to guide me.

Life is a continuing adventure and my creativity serves me well to keep me excited. Being creative helps me discover new talents and expand my capabilities.

During my spare time, I try new activities to strengthen my creativity and learn more about myself. I am proud of my creative side.

I engage in activities that allow my creativity to flow. I find that if I let go of being self-critical, my creativity comes out more easily. I tell myself that any form of self-expression is creative. I focus less on the finished product and more on the journey of creating. Even so, sometimes the end product also brings me great joy.

My creativity also helps me reach my goals. When challenges arise, rather than wasting time bemoaning it, I use my creativity to resolve the constraint or find a way around it. If one strategy fails to work, I simply devise a new strategy to propel me forward to success.

Today, I give full reign to my creativity to take me where it will. I trust my creative side to get me through the day with fun, excitement, and success.

Soul Inquiry Questions to Journal:

1. Do I have a creative side?

2. Do I allow it to freely manifest?

3. During which types of activities am I the most creative?

4. Are there other times when I could be more creative?

5. What new activities can I try to allow me to discover more of my creative side?

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