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I have an adventurous spirit.

Even though most days are filled with lists of tasks and work to be done, I can discover something special each day.

I keep my mind open to the prospect of acquiring new information. It is my personal responsibility to find something unique in my day.

As I walk in the door at work, my eyes and ears are ready to absorb whatever is going on. I know I can find work that has an element of interest for me. My daring personality and willingness to take on tasks that others avoid shows my bold spirit. I am ready to delve into the projects placed before me.

Sometimes, my home life requires me to be open to new experiences. My readiness to embark on a new journey helps me model an adventurous spirit to my family. Our Art of Authenticity is a great place to start.

It is important to show my children that striving to do something new can be fun, interesting, and exciting. I want my children to develop their own adventurous spirits so they can navigate through life with a sense of wonder and anticipation. Our Empowering our kids classes are a wonderful way for kids to find their own power, or maybe a Wild & Free nature walk.

Today, I am showing the world my adventurous spirit. I know I can open myself up to the world and make my life more interesting.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I show my adventurous spirit? 2. When I encounter a new task or unfamiliar situation, how do I approach it? 3. What can I do to encourage myself to become more adventurous?

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