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I love being who I am.

I enjoy being me. I am funny, witty, beautiful, and most importantly, loved. My life is rich with spiritual blessings. 

My partner adores me. My family counts on me and needs me. My friends love to be around me. All of them accept me for who I am. I have a striking personality. I have a loving attitude, a clean heart and pure intentions toward others. I am humble. Making a difference in the lives of others gives me joy.

I am confident in my talents and abilities. My accomplishments speak for themselves. My creativity is inspiring and my purpose is eternal.

I embrace my imperfections because they make me interesting. My desire is to be me because that is all that I can be. I strive to be the best I was created to be. I reflect in order to become a better person. 

I am free from the desire to be someone else. No one else could ever be me. I am my own person. My views and ideas about life are intriguing.

My life is marked by integrity. I am passionate about my work and so I work diligently. My mind is clear and my heart is full.

Loving myself causes me to be happy. Loving myself helps me to love others and accept others the way they are.

I have a positive outlook on life. 

I am forgiven.

I am free.

I am alive.

I look forward to aging. With age, I will only get better and better. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my intangible assets? 2. Do I embrace my imperfections? 3. Do I value my personality?

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