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I love to live with a perpetual smile on my face.

Wearing a smile makes me feel better. It’s really hard to feel down when I am smiling because smiling causes me to think of pleasant things that give me even more to smile about!

I find that when I am happy, everyone around me is happier as well. Happiness is contagious! I can smile at a total stranger on the street and see their eyes light up while they return my smile. When everyone is happy, whether at work or at home, life is better for everyone involved.

In the morning, I glance in the mirror and give myself a smile before I walk out the door to start my day. This simple gesture brings me confidence and heightens my self-esteem.

At work, my colleagues are always happy to see my smiling face. It brightens the morale and lightens the load when happiness walks in!

When I see my loved ones again after a long day at work, I greet them with a genuinely happy smile. I can feel their enthusiasm to be back together and it brings me joy just to be with them. Our evenings start and end with a smile, with plenty of smiles and laughter in between.

When someone around me is sad or worried, I smile to lift their spirits.

Today, I strive to bring an extra measure of happiness to the world with a warm smile to everyone I meet.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have an easy smile for those I come in contact with every day? 2. Who did I give a smile to today? 3. How much time do I spend frowning? What can I do to turn that frown upside down?

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