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I make time to relax.

Life can get hectic. Many times, I am awake before sunrise and the pace increases throughout the day. At sundown, I am frequently still trying to complete chores or make a list of things to accomplish tomorrow. Even so, I still find time to relax.

When I relax, it is like plugging into my charger. I am rejuvenated to get through the next day or activity.

Relaxing for even just a few minutes brings balance to my chaotic life. Resting is a wonderful contrast from running errands, working through lunch hour at work, and doing the house chores in the evening. Making time for some “R and R” shows that I care about myself.

I try to vary the ways I relax each day. Yesterday, I might have read part of the novel I wanted to read. Today, I may plan to watch an old movie. Tomorrow might bring a long walk in the park after the kids leave for school. I squeeze out a bit of time each day to relax.

The minutes or hours I allow myself to relax make me feel special. I know I am worthy of having time each day to rest and do whatever I want.

Today, I intend to make notes in my calendar or set an alarm on my phone to ensure that I make time to rest every single day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make time to relax? If not, why not? 2. During what times in my day would I be able to capture a few moments for relaxation? 3. What can I do to make time for myself to rest and recharge my batteries?

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