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I release the drama from my life.

My life is free from drama. I am surrounded by supportive and understanding people. We are able to enjoy life without drama, conflict, or arguments. We focus on positive interactions.

I honor each moment and stay present in it. I pay attention to my words and facial expressions. I avoid drama by being kind and thoughtful.

I avoid suspicion, accusations, gossip and pain.

Instead, I focus on love, kindness, concern and empathy. I take the drama out of my conversations and actions. I replace it with happiness and love. I am living my most Authentic life.

My relationships exist without toxic interactions. They are built on genuine support instead of drama. We thrive on helping each other instead of bringing each other down. We build each other’s dreams.

I am able to exist without drama. I know I am better off without mood swings, anger, fights, or arguments. I dislike chaos and prefer order.

I attract positive people and healthy interactions.

I dismiss drama and chase it away. I take drama off the pages of my life. Instead, I write my story with positive thoughts and ideas.

Today, I release drama and focus on positivity. I make my world a drama-free zone. I have a postive Mindset.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I avoid drama during tense or stressful situations? Join our The Art of Mind Success Course. 2. What can I do to block others who thrive on drama and try to bring it into my life? 3. How can I make my points and express my thoughts without creating drama?

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