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I see spiritual growth taking place within me.

Spirituality is a big part of my life. Each day, I take time for spiritual pursuits. I believe in the power of spiritual growth to make my life better.

I improve each day because I care about both my spirituality and my wellbeing. Growth in any area of life can be very beneficial. I enjoy growing and changing, and I like meeting challenges.

I know what spiritual growth and development mean to me. I focus on the areas of my life that need improvement. There is always room to develop more fully. I want to grow and develop the spiritual side of my life. This is something I treasure and appreciate. Spirituality is also something I can help others develop in their own lives.

When people see that I am spiritual, they are drawn to me. Others want what I have. They see that I am at peace, and they appreciate and respect that. I freely give my spiritual joy and love to others. I enjoy making others happy, and enjoy progressing on my spiritual journey.

As I visualize my goals and my life, I look for areas where I can change and grow. Spirituality carries me along and helps me to be brave and strong.

I feel trusting and complete when I think about spirituality. I think about how far I’ve come in my journey, and see that there is still more to accomplish. I welcome the chance to move forward.

Today, I visualize my spiritual growth and see it taking place in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I help my spiritual growth continue to develop? 2. What can I do to become more spiritual each day? 3. How can I encourage spiritual growth in others?

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