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I set my own examples.

My decisions and actions in life are based on what I feel is best for me.

I set examples for myself because I know myself better than anyone else could possibly know me. I rely on the help of my Creator to guide my steps and keep them aligned with my purpose.

I set examples for myself that support my moral beliefs. I know how to differentiate right from wrong, and use my knowledge to help me make choices I am happy with.

I avoid letting myself be controlled by the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of others. The efforts of external forces to dictate my life are always banished because I know that I am in control.

I respectfully acknowledge the beliefs of others, but I decide for myself whether I want to adopt those beliefs. My success is my Mindset!

I spend a lot of time observing situations and relationships around me. I take elements from everywhere and use them to create my own path for living. There are many learning experiences that I can use to help me find the best direction to take.

Today, I vow to focus on what I know is best for me. I confidently choose my lifestyle based on my beliefs, ethics, and morals. I commit to setting good examples that inspire others to live according to their divine purpose.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I react when my decisions in life are judged by others? 2. Do I allow the beliefs of others to jeopardize my relationships with those around me? 3. Am I true to the examples that I set for myself? Join our The Art of Mind Success course today!

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