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I share my gifts with the world.

It is my obligation and privilege to share my gifts boldly with the world. The best I have to offer belongs to everyone. I love to Nature Journal, Art Journal actually any type of journalling at all, wether it is writing or doodling. I just love to be artistic.

I share my uniqueness and abilities fearlessly and proudly. The more I am willing to share, the more I can expect to receive. I am comfortable with making myself vulnerable.

Do you enjoy inspiring others with my gifts. I help them to find happiness in sharing their own gifts. I have the power to change others by sharing my gifts. Have you tried journalling yet?

I embrace those things that make me special. I embrace those things that make my family special or the world special. The beauty of Nature.

Standing out from the crowd can be challenging, but I relish the rewards it brings. I know how amazing the world would be if everyone shared their unique gifts. I am enthusiastically doing my part are you?

My life is more satisfying when I use and show my talents. I become more confident and increase my self-esteem when people see me at my best. My talents and gifts are valuable resources. They are less valuable when I keep them to myself. I can then inspire my kids to do the same.

I continuously hone my strengths and talents, mot focusing on correcting my weaknesses.. The return on my investment of time is priceless.

Today, I allow the world to witness my greatest abilities. I am open to revealing myself. I share my gifts with the world freely and confidently.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. My are my greatest talents? What am I naturally better at than most people? 2. How can I leverage those talents to my best advantage? 3. What do I have to lose by allowing others to see my talents in action? What could I gain?

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