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I stand on my own two feet.

Standing on my own two feet means that I am the master of my own decisions. I am independent and choose to make my own way in life. Living life with a positive I can Mindset!

I take good care of myself. I have faith that I can stand with certainty regardless of the storms that I might weather. Life has given me the experience I need to make wise choices.

I am thrilled to be independent in life. There is something quite intoxicating about knowing I can do whatever I want whenever I want. Being independent is an important part of standing on my own two feet.

Another aspect of standing on my own two feet is taking care of myself. I take comfort in knowing that whatever I need, I can obtain for myself. Taking care of myself brings me great freedom and confidence.

I am rejuvenated when I think of my ability to stand on my own two feet. After all, knowing I can make my way through life without “needing” another person gives me feelings of confidence and even exhilaration.

The security of knowing that I can do anything enhances my feelings of self-reliance. Each time I make a choice for myself, my self-confidence grows.

Today, I feel certain that I can live on my own and stand on my own two feet. I let go of personal insecurities that might prevent me from having the confidence I need to make it on my own.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. For the most part, do I stand on my own two feet? 2. What types of situations make me doubt my capabilities? 3. How can I become more self-reliant? Join one of our Courses Mindset or Authenticity

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