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I stand tall after every fall.

I am conscious of the blessing that my spirit offers to my overall well-being. My fiery spirit drives me to keep moving. When I make a mistake, I use inner strength to push me back up and keep me going.

Each unfortunate circumstance is a chance to approach the next challenge with determination. I avoid allowing disappointments to block my path.

I use the experiences gained from each challenge to spur the will to keep going. Although tough situations sometimes dim my light, I avoid allowing them to put it out. My pride lies in the fact that I am strong and ready to push ahead.

Rejection is insignificant on my journey to success. There are very few negative words that have the ability to still my fighting spirit.

Learning a new skill is sometimes challenging. Although I experience delays in mastering new skills, I take things on step at a time.

I accept the reality that I am only able to get to the next stage when I pass the current one.

Today, I am fearless in my pursuit of achievement and greatness. My outer body and inner fire keep me standing tall. There is little that challenges are able to do to keep me from moving forward. I celebrate my will to push through.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I go about nursing the bruises that come with each fall? 2. What are some of the things in life that intimidate me? 3. How do I counteract doubts and fears about a new venture?

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