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I stay strong.

I am powerful. I possess the strength and energy to deal with any hardship. I remain calm under stress. I face my fears and manage my doubts. I take deep breaths and collect my thoughts.

I reach out for support. I let others know how they can help me.

I rely on my faith. I meditate and pray. I think about the meaning and purpose of my life. I search for the lesson in pleasant and unpleasant experiences. I can benefit from any situation if I use it effectively. My beliefs give me inspiration and courage.

I engage in healthy practices. I eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly.

I break big challenges down into smaller steps. Making steady progress helps me to feel less overwhelmed.

I persevere through obstacles. I am creative and resilient. I take responsibility for my choices and clear away distractions. I give myself a pep talk and visualize the results that I strive for.

I build my confidence. I remember my accomplishments and the difficulties I have overcome. I think positive and savor my victories.

I create goals that motivate me. I aim for targets that are demanding and realistic for me. I devote my time and efforts to forging the life I want.

Today, I cultivate my inner strength. I rise each time I fall.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What would I say if I was praying for strength? 2. How would I describe my natural strengths? 3. How does helping others help me to feel empowered?

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