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I take action to dislodge chaos without delay.

When chaos arises in my life, I am able to swiftly take care of the difficulty. I am confident in my ability to handle and resolve chaos with ease.

The more I deal with things when they get chaotic, the more capable and confident I become.

Over time, I have accumulated many skills, which help me dislodge chaos. I have reasoning skills, which help me assess what I can do to eliminate it. These skills give me the assurance I need to get back on track when I falter.

Being able to take action immediately when the first signs of chaos appear allow me to get things under control calmly and effectively.

I know that I am able to deal with chaotic difficulties appropriately and quickly, giving me confidence in myself to handle other situations.

Chaos is inevitable, but I am able to handle it without delay.

Today I acknowledge that I am able to take action right away when things go differently than I think they should. I know I am ready and able for anything. Knowing that I can adjust and deal with anything gives me confidence and strength.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What skills do I have that help me deal with chaos? 2. Why is it important to handle chaos in a timely fashion? 3. How does resolving chaos make me feel?

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