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I trust my wisdom to guide me.

I understand how the universe works to build my wisdom. Not only do I acquire wisdom from my knowledge-seeking endeavors, but also from each of my experiences. I understand the roles my mind, body, and spirit play in my ability to find answers.

I appreciate the process because I learn from it. Throughout my life, I build my collection of experiences, thoughts, and wisdom.

When I encounter a tough challenge, I use all of the resources available to me to find answers. I research solutions. I listen to others and value their advice.

But in the end, I let my own wisdom guide me to the solution that works best for me. I trust my inner spirit. It shows me how to reach the answers on my path.

Over time, my wisdom grows.

I welcome new ideas and experiences. I embrace new opportunities that expand my knowledge and wisdom. Even my mistakes add to my wisdom.

I allow the process to take its time. Instead of fast answers, I accept patience. I am able to wait for answers as my mind and the universe work together. Ultimately, I find that the solution I seek shows up at an opportune time.

Today, I trust my wisdom to bring me answers. When I need to make an important decision, my wisdom guides me to solutions that keep me moving forward toward my goals.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I tell when my inner wisdom might be speaking? 2. Is it different from when my fears are nudging me in a certain direction? 3. How can I balance the advice from my own wisdom with the help of others?

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