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Increase Your Self Esteem by Being Comfortable With Your Achievements

Everyone wants to be the best at what they do regardless of what that activity might be. You’ve likely had experiences when you felt disappointed about your performance or actions.

Perhaps you felt you missed the mark or wished you would’ve done better. Yet, if you spend too much time beating yourself up, you’ll probably miss other opportunities to soar. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to move on and see how you do in the next trying situation.

Although it’s important to reach for the stars, it’s also necessary to be comfortable with your level of achievement.

Apply these strategies to learn to accept your performance level:

1. Know yourself. When you know what’s important to you, you can better make the connection between how badly you want something and how hard you’re willing to work in order to achieve it.

* Understanding what motivates you is another aspect of knowing yourself. It might be verbal recognition, money, or even love.

2. Reflect on a situation in which you showed high achievement. For example, if you worked on a project last year and your boss gave you specific feedback about what you did that he really liked, you can reach back to those moments to remind yourself of your real accomplishments. You know for certain that you can achieve.

3. Recognize your limits. We all have limits in specific areas of our lives. For example, maybe math has consistently been a tough subject for you. So, if a specific project includes a lot of math, it makes it easier on you to be realistic about your ability to achieve with the project.

4. Obtain training. Perhaps a particular talent or skill eludes you. If it’s important for you to do better, figure out a way to learn more about topic or skill.

* When you study or complete training, you’re increasing your chances of achieving success.

5. Realize you’ll have other times to shine. There will be times when you wish that you would have done better. Remind yourself that you’ve done well before and will do so again.

* Take the time to survey the recent events and try to learn from them. What are the reasons that you missed the mark?

* Could your level of effort be the issue or is it simply that this particular activity wasn’t your forte? File that information away for future reference.

6. Strive to achieve because you want to. When you can truly connect with the feeling inside that you want to perform your best, you’ll find yourself putting forth greater effort. In addition, when it’s all over, you’ll discover that you’re feeling more confident and more accepting of your achievement.

* After all, when you see that you endeavored to do your best, you’ll be more comfortable with the results, regardless of what they are.

7. Spend time doing what you want. Ask yourself if you’re spending time doing the activities you truly love.

* When we spend more time doing what we enjoy, we put our hearts and souls into whatever we’re working on.

* Strengthen your motivation to achieve by staying involved with activities, people, and work projects that have elements you love.

Getting comfortable with your level of achievement will enrich your life. You’ll feel more optimistic. Plus, you’ll aspire to accomplish even more. Rediscover your passion for life because when you do, you’ll be more accepting of your level of achievement.

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