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May Nature Journal

Today we took a walk around Mt Peel.

The day was glorious for a May day, the sky was blue and the air was crisp. We arrived and then started to walk up the slow incline. Not as many birds around today, we saw a Magpie, Eastern Rosellas, some galahs and the highlight was the little black finch with the bright red back.

We sat and drew our bird and then tried to spot and listen for a few more.

Have you ever sat and listened, truly listened to the birds, I love to try and pick which bird is making the glorious tweets and chirps. Our Nature walk today will have to pull out alot of birds to beat the amount we had at our Bird Habitat in our back yard this morning.

We were visited by Rainbow Lorikeets, 20 at one count. 2 gorgeous Cockatoos, a baby homing pigeon ( not sure where it came from as it is the first time we have seen it) Honey suckers, peewee, Top knot pigeons and the couple of doves that live here.

It is amazing just walking out into the backyard the treats that will come for a visit.

The girls were excited on our walk to see 6 kangaroos and they needed to get their maps out as they nearly got lost. But they know how to read it and made their way back to where we were parked.

Home for morning tea and to find our Baby Budgie has flown from its nest!

from the crazy bird lady


p.s If you would like a copy of our May Nature Study click here

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