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Meditation corrects my vision.

Meditation changes how I see the world. My vision becomes more accurate and uplifting when I meditate.

I slow down. I pay attention to things that I previously overlooked. I see squirrels playing in the trees and clouds floating in the sky. I notice when my son brings back the car with a full tank of gas.

Everything comes into sharper focus. I feel less distracted. It is easier to concentrate on positive thoughts during meditation.

I become more compassionate. I empathize with a coworker who arrives late for a meeting because they got stuck in traffic. I forgive myself for forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning.

I have a greater sense of peace when meditating. I readily adapt to changes. I feel confident that I can handle whatever happens. I am able to put some distance between myself and my emotions. I accept my fears and choose my actions carefully.

Sometimes, I just take a brief pause to still my mind. A few minutes of deep breathing while brushing my teeth or standing in line at the supermarket can be helpful. I release minor tensions. I remember to feel loving and thankful.

Throughout the day, I reflect on the insights I discover during meditation. They guide me as I wash the dishes or talk with my boss.

Today, I rely on meditation to enhance my vision. My world appears more beautiful and meaningful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How does meditation change the way I see myself? 2. What can I do to hold onto the positive feelings I generate during meditation? 3. How does meditation help me manage my emotions?

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